STOP wasting hundreds of dollars on doctor’s visits & feeling helpless to your sick child and START empowering yourself with the NATURAL and SAFE tools to regain control over YOUR family’s health!

Join me as I train you about the Truth of Natural Remedies and Tools

Transform your life and take charge of what is rightfully yours: your Health and Well-being!

A Live Monthly Class and a free Q&A with Jenni Wilson, Master Herbalist, to answer all your health questions and concerns about your overall wellness.

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Jenni Wilson, Master Herbalist, mother of 7, creator of and, and published author of a collaborative book and Amazon bestseller entitled: “Trust Your Intuition: 25 Natural Medicine Confessions from Influential Moms Who Choose Healing Remedies For Their Families.”Read more about it at

  • Do you often feel frustrated and nervous about giving your child and family synthetic and conventional medicines packed with chemical ingredients you’ve never heard of?

  • Are you looking for a safe place to ask for help when something’s wrong, you don’t know what to do, and you’re stuck in a rut?

  • Perhaps you noticed the world of medicine is changing? Things that worked a year ago aren’t working today, and natural tools are becoming more mainstream and accepted. Are you feeling pressured to keep using these conventional tools just because “everyone is using them?”

  • Are you working toward becoming a leader for your family to start using and maintaining a healthier, more natural way of living?

  • Do you feel like you’re always getting sick, and the conventional medicine just isn’t working anymore?

Are You Ready for Results Like This? Master the art of using Natural, Safe, and Organic Solutions for Medicine & Wellness!

      • Strengthen your confidence in healing from home!
      • Detect the dangers to your health before it’s too late!
      • Fire up your mom-doctoring efforts with age-old remedies, the way nature intended it!
      • Imagine being backed by a group of natural moms who support and encourage you as you expand your knowledge and your success.
      • I’ve spent the last 12 years promoting natural tools and I’m well-acquainted with the unique challenges mothers and women are facing.

The Becoming Doctor Mom: Home Medicine Academy

In the Becoming Doctor Mom Home Medicine Academy, you’ll receive the nurturing and support you need to get educated, get empowered, and get going! As a result, you’ll …

Access a caring, responsive mentor who’s “been there, done that.”
Gain access to the knowledge and skills you need to learn, in a monthly class and an additional Q&A call for your health questions and concerns.
Be part of a supportive, collaborative community. It’s a great place to find other women who also have the desire to empower themselves with the necessary tools to regain confidence in home-doctoring.
Gain clarity and stay updated on the latest solutions that help you stay healthy and achieve your wellness goals.
Access a safe environment for voicing your concerns and blasting through setbacks with inspiration and combined strength.
Reap tangible, gratifying, sustainable knowledge and results for the rest of your life.


Your investment for Becoming Doctor Mom: Home Medicine Academy is ONLY $1 for the first month, then $10 per month after that!


Who is the Becoming Doctor Mom: Home Medicine Academy for?

This program would be an ideal fit for you if …

you have been using natural medicine, but want to learn more.
you are trying to replace chemicals and synthetic medicines with more natural tools.
you want to use more natural solutions, but have no idea how.
you want to find the healthiest solutions for you and your family for medicine and wellness.

“I have learned so much from Jenni from her website and classes. It is so comforting to know that I have learned some basic skills that I can use to take care of myself and my baby instead of relying completely on doctors or others. My baby gets colds and croup quite often and through Jenni I am learning how to treat them with oils and even prevent them from coming in the first place. It is a great feeling to be confident in caring for my family. I recommend her teleseminars to anyone who wants to care better for their family and for themselves. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience Jenni!- Jenna

The Becoming Doctor Mom: Home Medicine Academy started in January 2013

One Live Class per Month

One Q&A call per Month

During these calls, we’ll be discussing natural tools and how-to for specific health problems. I will occasionally invite knowledgeable guests on my calls.

Class subjects I have taught or may possibly teach in the future:

  • Natural Solutions for Depression & Anxiety
  • Natural Tools for Balancing Hormones
  • Natural Tools for Energy, Inflammation & Pain
  • Natural Solutions for Weight Loss
  • Natural Cleaning With Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils for ADHD/ADD & Focus
  • Dog Care With Essential Oils
  • How to Treat RSV, Pertussis & Bronchitis
  • How to Stay Healthy Through Winter
  • Natural Solutions for Candida
  • Natural Solutions for Skin care, Acne & Anti-aging
  • Proactive Family Health & Home Medicine
  • How To Use Essential Oils for Babies & Children
  • How to Heal Broken Bones Fast
  • How to Make Simple, Natural Remedies at Home
  • Treating Kidney Infections & UTIs Naturally
  • Supporting Heart Health
  • Essential Oils 101
  • How to Treat Babies With Herbs & Essential Oils
  • How to Use Essential Oils During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
  • Best Herbs & Essential Oils For Labor & Delivery
  • How to Resolve Strep Throat Without Antibiotics
  • How to Treat Ear Infections Without Antibiotics
  • Natural Tools for Parasites
  • Holistic Tooth Care

“Jenni, thanks so much for the informative classes! I am looking into getting some essential oils to keep on hand. You have re-inspired me to educate myself on more holistic options for my family in keeping healthy! Looking forward to your next session!” -Jolene

An AWESOME VALUE for life-changing information! Your investment for Becoming Doctor Mom: Home Medicine Academy is ONLY $1 for the first month, then $10 per month after that!

If after the first month, you don’t see immediate value in this program and in what you’re learning, you may cancel without any further investment. You may also discontinue the program at any time.

The next move is up to you. I’ve shown you that the Becoming Doctor Mom: Home Medicine Academy is as risk free as a membership offer can come.

SPEND ONLY $1 and GET EMPOWERED to take control of your health!

I look forward to helping you get educated, get healthy, and get confidant! Let’s move forward together!

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